Love Poems

Lost Love Poems

After You're Gone 5.76/10 (237 ratings)
Chris and I Went Out Awhile Back 6.17/10 (29 ratings)
Forgive Me for What Cannot Be Forgiven 5.87/10 (71 ratings)
Goodbye, My Love, the Object of My Fury 5.03/10 (37 ratings)
Hold Me to Your Willing Heart 7.11/10 (37 ratings)
How Did I Lose Your Baby Blue Eyes 8.25/10 (48 ratings)
I Didn't Get a Chance to Say I Love You 7.64/10 (137 ratings)
I Do Not Mean to Put Our Love on Hold 7.67/10 (48 ratings)
I Feel as Though a Dam Within Me's Burst 6.2/10 (15 ratings)
I Feel as Though My Heart Lay Bleeding 7.59/10 (69 ratings)
I Guess You Just Don't Know How Much It Hurts 5.99/10 (76 ratings)
I Know I Didn't Do So Well 6.41/10 (41 ratings)
I Know I Must Have Hurt You, Caused You Pain 5.18/10 (290 ratings)
I Must Accept But Can't What Cannot Be 8.39/10 (46 ratings)
I Want You Back Now that You're Gone 6.29/10 (42 ratings)
I'm Sorry that I Disappointed You 4.46/10 (954 ratings)
In Leaving You, I Turned Away from Passion 5.8/10 (35 ratings)
It All Went Far Too Quickly 7.63/10 (35 ratings)
Love Undoes Its Heritage Quite Slowly 2.44/10 (9 ratings)
Love Was Not Enough for Us 7.1/10 (59 ratings)
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