Love Poems

Separation Love Poems

After Love and Fear, There's Pride 5.67/10 (226 ratings)
After You Leave, I Will Become a Tree 5.88/10 (213 ratings)
Although We Have to Be Apart 6.76/10 (463 ratings)
Demon at my door 8.06/10 (49 ratings)
Every Day I Think of You and Miss You 5.14/10 (354 ratings)
Goodbye, My Lover and My Friend 4.19/10 (311 ratings)
How Often when Two People Fall in Love 6.26/10 (66 ratings)
I Live Behind Forbidding Walls 6.56/10 (45 ratings)
I Miss You Though I Have You Here Beside Me 5.76/10 (74 ratings)
I Miss You, Though I'm Not Quite Sure I Love You 6.22/10 (74 ratings)
I Wish that I Could Be with You 6.96/10 (171 ratings)
If I Had Married You Instead of Her 5.97/10 (58 ratings)
In Daylight You're a Haunting Melody 7.33/10 (24 ratings)
In Many Ways, It's as if I Last Saw You 5.23/10 (30 ratings)
It Sometimes Seems So Foolish to Persist 6.8/10 (41 ratings)
More Love Is in My Heart than Any Heaven 4.85/10 (27 ratings)
Our Love Is Torn by Miles, Not by Choice 6.09/10 (79 ratings)
Pretend This Poem Is Me, and I Am with You 7.29/10 (80 ratings)
Simple Things Remind Me of Our Love 5.38/10 (55 ratings)
The More I Am Away from You 7.81/10 (335 ratings)
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