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I Feel as Though My Heart Lay Bleeding

I feel as though my heart lay bleeding
On a countertop.
The pain is like a flooded scream
That cannot, will not stop.

I cannot live, I cannot breathe;
Pain is all I do.
I cannot think how I can be
Long living without you.

Ah, God! I want you back so bad
That I would gladly die
To hold you in my arms again
And not care how or why;

To hold you in my arms again
And tell you of my love,
And then go gladly back to dust
Should I your heart not move.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
good job
Name: holly mccartney2005-05-21
hey thats a really good poem im 14 years old and i really love poems good job on this one i hope you have more this good

holly mccartney
I LyK It
Name: AsHlEa2005-08-13
YEAh Hi YeAh I ThOUGhT It WaS A PrEtTI GEwD PoEm!!!!!
Its LyK ThA WaY I FeEl RiGHT NoW!!
thats how i feel
Name: kirsty2006-05-18
thats how i feel rite now ijust split up wid my bf n want him bk so much but dunno how to get him bk

email me if u wanna chat
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