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How Did I Lose Your Baby Blue Eyes

How did I lose your baby blue eyes
And the smile that lit up my sky?
What did I say that sent you away?
Can somebody tell me why?

Sometimes we move away from the flow
And find ourselves lost and alone.
What turn did I miss after some kiss
That told you what I should have known?

How did you get so far from my heart
Without my becoming aware?
What did you see deep inside me
That I never knew was there?

We drive in the darkness down strange, empty roads
Into sudden and unforeseen pain.
We think that we choose, but after we lose,
We see that we've done it again.
Nicholas Gordon
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How Did I Lose Your Baby Blue Eyes
Name: Meghan2004-12-22
This is a beautiful poem. I think you are very talented. Keep up the good work.
this poem is great
Name: rhiannon2005-03-20
keep up great work and good luck
super poetry
Name: karimwafa2005-09-24
i think ur master of young poeters,keep going, best of luck.
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