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I Feel as Though a Dam Within Me's Burst

I feel as though a dam within me's burst
And yet the water's solid and won't flow.
I cannot bear to touch you, even though
I lie beside you praying for the worst.
Everything I've cherished now is cursed
By what I know and what I still don't know.
I'm shut, and neither can nor cannot go.
I need to gather up my furies first.
My love for you lies murdered and unmoved,
Waiting for a wound that will not bleed.
We stay together for the children, yet
It seems a thousand years since we once loved,
And you were still a treasure and a need,
And I a fool whom fate would not forget.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: paradise2010-08-15
this is stunning, hope you have more..
awesome poem
Name: LOVE MEH OR Hate meh2012-03-23
this poem is so good . iht really touched me in a way that no poem has ever did
Name: Zidan2013-02-20
इस फ ल म क और क न स ग त ह ज ओल ड इस ग ल ड पर बज च क ह - Babaloo Babaloo based on famous song 'Tequila'.Pratibha Kaushal (not Kish)Kanata, Canada
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