Love Poems

I Love You Poems

Be Gentle: What You're Holding Is My Heart 5.2/10 (583 ratings)
Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Face 4.9/10 (854 ratings)
Chrysanthemums Are Clear in Morning Air 6.3/10 (10 ratings)
Do Not Doubt How Much I Love You 6.31/10 (324 ratings)
Do Not Doubt I Love You 5.22/10 (140 ratings)
How Can I Tell You What I Feel for You 5.33/10 (887 ratings)
I Do Not Want This Poem to Go Too Deep 5.89/10 (47 ratings)
I Have a Monster Crush on You 7.77/10 (193 ratings)
I Know I Hardly Know You 6.36/10 (103 ratings)
I Know Well I Have No Right to Love You 5.36/10 (28 ratings)
I Love You & Etc. 4.1/10 (176 ratings)
I Love You with All I Am 6.72/10 (496 ratings)
I Love Your Cool Green Eyes and Light Brown Hair 5.39/10 (88 ratings)
I Never Thought I'd Fall in Love with You 7.3/10 (196 ratings)
I Used to Be Completely Cruel and Heartless 8.35/10 (51 ratings)
I Want to Make Your Heart Beat Just for Me 5.87/10 (69 ratings)
I Write to Let You Know I Think About You 6.26/10 (72 ratings)
I'm Far Too Shy to Tell You that I Love You 7.26/10 (57 ratings)
I'm Sorry for the Way I Say I Love You 4.96/10 (201 ratings)
I've Dreamed of Loving You for Many Years 6.48/10 (67 ratings)
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