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I'm Sorry that I Disappointed You

I'm sorry that I disappointed you
And did what I had promised I would not.
Mistakes can often teach someone a lot,
So please give me a chance before we're through.
Of all the punishment for my disgrace,
Regret at losing you has hurt the most.
Recall, I beg of you, this tearful ghost,
Yearning to return to your good grace.
Nicholas Gordon
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A Gift to you
Name: Alheli Carles2005-01-20
My gift to you is my love
Given from deep within my heart
it is the best I have to offer
And it's yours until this earth we depart

you have captured a part of Me
A part so very fragile that Iam in fear
for it is my heart I have lost
to you my love , The one I hold most dear
I chose to love you now
with you that i have and all that Iam
And I pray that follows us
to guide our steps as we cross this land

for it is with his blessings
we will live most at peace with each other
for he is the reason after all
we found one another ....... I love you
poem by Alheli Carles Rosa
bela bela
Name: jan chauke2011-05-07
doz msgs r very healing especialy doz wu hv been dsaponted in luv
Name: Jenny2005-04-02
omg {oh my gosh} I LOVE that poem,its somin people can actully relate to.. don't stop writing!
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