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Love Was Not Enough for Us

Love was not enough for us,
Though we were much in love.
We started down the well-worn path,
But it was not to be.

Delight was not enough for us,
Nor tenderness that moved
Through years of angry dissonance
Towards some dark, bitter sea.

Our differences were far too great,
Our lives too far apart.
We didn't like each other much,
But put that truth aside

Until one day it was too late
To reignite the heart.
One told the other, who agreed
At last that it had died.

But then, ah, then! we felt our loss
As unremitting pain,
As deep and inconsolable,
Unbearable regret.

And all alone we had to cross
That desert once again
That we might know that we had loved
Too much to soon forget.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Whoa sorry
Name: Christina2011-03-31
I read this on my phone and liked it very much. When I tried to rate it a 9, my touch screen registered the 2. Soo sorry
Name: Brooke2010-09-24
I really love this pefectly describes me and my lost love...i miss you ;'(
Name: ptee2008-06-14
a very nice poem
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