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Chris and I Went Out Awhile Back

Chris and I went out awhile back.
It didn't work--I really don't know why.
Some unacknowledged dream was out of whack,
Went spinning off, and so we let it die.
Sometimes we attribute things to fate
When it's us, though we won't notice it.
Chris and I are back again--it's great!
We've both changed, and now we seem to fit.
I can't explain the happiness I find:
Chris smiles at me and something makes me glow.
Mysteries on mysteries unwind;
The deeper in we see, the less we know.
For now I think I'll just enjoy the ride;
Love Chris to bits, but still keep watch inside.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: amanda2005-03-14
i am glad that you and chris are back together...when i read your poem it made me happy and wished that my chris would come back to me ... so best of wishes and this time don't let him get away...
Name: emily2005-05-15
oh my gosh I used to date a guy named chris and it was exaclly the same. It would be great for me and my chris to get back together. i love your poem.
Name: Amber2005-07-15
i date a boy named chris and i love him very deeply he is my heart. i really felt what you were going threw. Me and my Chris are going to be together forever!!!!! and I hope the same for you.
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