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Forgive Me for What Cannot Be Forgiven

Forgive me for what cannot be forgiven.
Open up the door I once slammed closed.
Restore the love that I once squandered, driven
Grimly by some grinch I've since deposed.
I cannot plead for what I cannot fathom,
Valuing least the value I most crave.
Each heart must sometimes haunt the steep-walled chasm,
Made mad by wrath and selfish songs that rave
Empty on the edges of the grave.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: unknown2005-12-19
it was so good i loved it so much it totaly realated to me and how i feel .. it's na awesome poem .. u have a talent .....
Name: Dee2006-06-08
Dang girl this ish is messed up
Name: Samantha2007-02-01
this poem is so wow i mean it really explains how i feel.
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