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It All Went Far Too Quickly

It all went far too quickly when
We started our romance.
We headed for the Broadway stage
Before we learned to dance.

Naturally, we shared the fear
Of being on a limb,
And scared to stay while loath to part,
We felt our feelings dim.

Ah, me! Well, now we're separate,
And will be for a while.
And then we'll try again, for love
Remembers its sweet smile.

But this time we'll go slow and ask,
Before we go to bed,
If we might try some artful grace
And dance awhile instead.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Great poem
Name: Skinny2004-12-19
I love this its so cute
the shit
Name: totty booty2005-02-23
this poem is off the hook and its so true!!!!!!!!!
da shit
Name: kyle smith2006-07-19
uh thats coo, cause i was kind of in a situation like that. it all goes to fast all at once. l8er kyle smith from da wes side.
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