Love Poems

Falling In Love Poems

I Do Not Know You Well, But What I Know 5.47/10 (1093 ratings)
I Don't Expect You Soon to Love Me 6.33/10 (415 ratings)
I Thought I Must Give Up on Life 7.98/10 (405 ratings)
It's Amazing How I Feel When I'm Around You 6.81/10 (1063 ratings)
Just as Though the Sea Stopped Needing Rainbows 5.15/10 (60 ratings)
Let's Go Out and Have Some Fun 6.44/10 (124 ratings)
My Mood Is like a Cloudy Noon 5.69/10 (70 ratings)
Pascal Meunier 4.53/10 (15 ratings)
Please Don't Spaz if I Should Ask You Out 5.82/10 (142 ratings)
The Roll Books of the Stars 6.42/10 (38 ratings)
Your Eyes Won't Let My Thoughts Go Back to Sleep 7.32/10 (423 ratings)