Love Poems

Lost Love Poems

My Pride Is like a Castle in the Sand 8.14/10 (7 ratings)
Night Comes for Me Throughout the Day 7.91/10 (11 ratings)
Our Love's a Place Where I No Longer Live 7.38/10 (8 ratings)
Simple Things About You Catch My Heart 5.5/10 (4 ratings)
Sometimes Dreams Are Better Off Not Real 7.22/10 (9 ratings)
Sorry for Being a Jealous Cow 6/10 (10 ratings)
Thank You for the Happiness We Shared 8.47/10 (17 ratings)
The Apartment Is Dark 7/10 (3 ratings)
There Is No Mountain Higher than the Wall 1/10 (1 ratings)
Though I Broke My Promise and Your Trust 8.4/10 (10 ratings)
We Separated Many Years Ago 5/10 (9 ratings)
When Love Is an Affliction 9.27/10 (22 ratings)
When We Broke Up, You Said You'd Always Love Me 8.56/10 (32 ratings)
Why Did He Stop Loving Me 7/10 (30 ratings)
You Had Me for a Night, Then Turned Away 7.89/10 (9 ratings)
You Left Me, but You Cannot Leave My Heart 6.33/10 (15 ratings)
You Say You Want to Be Just Friends 8.26/10 (34 ratings)
You Used to Make Me Swear Never to Leave You 8/10 (11 ratings)
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