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After You're Gone

After you're gone
How will I go to work?
Who will I phone
To talk through the silent evening
After you're gone?

You're part of my life,
A piece of my tapestry.
On what rock
Will my castle rest
After you're gone?

Time will turn
But without hands.
How will I eat
Without my day on your dish
After you're gone?

You're the only place
I can put myself.
No hopes or dreams
Can fill my tumbling days
After you're gone.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
very good
Name: r. standfield2005-03-20
very good
Too true
Name: SOPHIE2005-04-02
this is sooo sad makes me think of my late husband
Name: hooeva2005-04-25
thats sound funny for me...this not make me sound lost its make me laugh
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