Love Poems

Anniversary Poems

After Five Months of Unabated Love 4.7/10 (438 ratings)
Despite the Doubts and Troubles That You've Gone Through 5.61/10 (101 ratings)
Elisha and Timmy Have Been Five Years Together 2.89/10 (9 ratings)
Every Sky's a Brand New Sky 7.33/10 (46 ratings)
For a Year Now We've Been Living Together 5.54/10 (24 ratings)
For Me This Year Has Been a Special Mountain 5.88/10 (32 ratings)
Happiness Has Been Your Gift to Me 6.04/10 (57 ratings)
How Can I Say What Is Too Much for Words 5.75/10 (80 ratings)
How Can I Tell You More than I Can Know 6.2/10 (25 ratings)
How Can Love Hold On So Many Years? 6.03/10 (35 ratings)
How Wonderful to Have You in My Life 6.58/10 (115 ratings)
However Sweet the Air or Green the Sea 6.32/10 (22 ratings)
Is One Month an Anniversary? 4.32/10 (436 ratings)
One Half Year Together Is Now Over 4.86/10 (29 ratings)
These Seven Months that We Have Been Together 5.23/10 (225 ratings)
This First Year of Marriage Has Been the Best 7.13/10 (30 ratings)
You've Been with Me Two Sweet and Awesome Years 5.94/10 (48 ratings)