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Our Love Is Torn by Miles, Not by Choice

Our love is torn by miles, not by choice.
Soon, soon, my darling, I'll be coming home.
At night I play your body and your voice,
But soon the hands and cries will be your own.
I want to love you all the hours we've missed,
And do the things I've fantasized for you:
Kiss you all the places my mind's kissed,
And put you everywhere I've wanted to.
My only fear's desiring you so much
That dream will overwhelm reality;
Time, for both of us, must temper touch
So love can once again be slow and free.
My mind's already half insane with pleasure;
Soon, soon my body will consume its treasure.
Nicholas Gordon
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The Best
Name: Myra2005-05-09
This is the best ever. I love it. I thought your others were great but this is the best.
Beautiful Poem
Name: shella2005-10-25
U defined luv here very beautifully...this poem is best suited 4 those who gonna marry in 2-3 months or for those who r apart from there partners for a long time...they can feel these feelings more...i guess.
God bless to al and Wish dat god never apart u from ur luv...
Name: Desiree2005-12-15
That was simply beautiful Nicholas and thats defiently the best (refering to your comments)!!!
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