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After Love and Fear, There's Pride

After love and fear, there's pride;
After tears, the night;
After all the words are gone,
A chair with just one light.

After memories, the dream
That you will come home safe;
After sleep, another day
Of waiting for my life.

After hope, the happiness
Of thinking of your love;
After moments of despair,
A stone no thought can move.

After all the sacrifice,
The hunger and the pain,
The passions and the promises,
The losses and the gains,

There's nothing but my love for you,
Which waits upon the wind
To bring you from the barricades
That now you must defend.
Nicholas Gordon
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Beautiful Dreamer
Name: Cecilia2011-04-26
I see you in my mind
At night you walk in my wave lengths
I drink of your vibrations
Poisen to my heart
Slowly I begin to love you
I drempt of you last night
I saw her in my dream
I began to resent you
I asked for you to leave me
Yet your presence is always with me
Captivating my existance
I only see it through your eyes
All this world can give me
I only wanted you
But she stole your heart away
Now I am free from you.

loved it
Name: ashlee2011-05-10
i loved ur poems they really touched my heart because one of these days i am going to fall in love and i want to feel the same way like these poems. :) keep up the great work
Name: nikki2006-02-11
i didn't like your poem that didn't make sense and i don't think writing poems is your talent..i don't want to sound mean or anything...
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