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I Miss You Though I Have You Here Beside Me

I miss you though I have you here beside me.
Blood can flow before the wound appears.
Imagination, painful now, will guide me
Through the coming hard and lonely years.
I find it hard to face our separation,
Feeling in advance the wrenching pain,
Imagining the years of desolation
Until we are together once again.
Yet that same imaginary power
Will bring to us beforehand all the joy
That, dreamed of in some isolated hour,
Our sad and lonely weariness will buoy.
Thus though I suffer more while you are near,
I'll suffer less when you're no longer here.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Ray2005-03-22
this is one very good poem, it is great. . .
This poem is very touching
Name: Lamonica2005-05-19
I love how you can write down your emotions on paper and make it so deep and passionate that you can make someone else who doesnt even know you and doesnt even feel the way you do feel your pain and cry tears for you it really touched me your very talented I love your poem
Name: Elizabeth2012-01-06
Greater. Words. Lovely ....
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