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After You Leave, I Will Become a Tree

After you leave, I will become a tree
Alone on a hillside, loving wind and sun,
Waiting for you to return home to me
Though centuries of lonely stars may run.

I'll grow tall and give lots of shade,
Sheltering birds and other bright-eyed things.
Pleased with all the progress that I've made,
I'll spread my leafy branches out like wings.

But oh! Every moment of every day
I'll miss you with the passion of the wind,
Gazing endlessly upon the way
That without you must empty, empty wind.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
i luv diss
Name: ana2005-04-19
diss is tight i luv it
its so emiotional
Name: cheese2007-04-24
i cried when i read this poem thanks for writting it its just filled me with insipation!!!
about poem
Name: ari and shayna2007-05-31
this is sucha' go metaphor!
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