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Pretend This Poem Is Me, and I Am with You

Pretend this poem is me, and I am with you;
I hold you in the circle of my fire.
Come into me, and time and space will vanish,
You and I alone, joined at the root.

There is a special room where I am with you;
I close the door and you are in my arms.
You become my skin, my self, my world,
Till I go back to sleep in lonely darkness.

So we defeat the miles and months between us;
We make love in our hearts if not in touch.
You are more to me in hope and passion
Than any man who brushes by my day.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: OuNiE2005-03-22
THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL...its the same thing that i want to say to my b-f
Name: clay beam2005-10-13
i'm 14 and i think that poam was stupid sorry try harder
true life
Name: unknown2005-11-06
I think the poem was true to anyone's experience.
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