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In Many Ways, It's as if I Last Saw You

In many ways, it's as if I last saw you
Recently, the image is so clear--
Even your eyes, hidden behind sunglasses on the pier;
Nor does it take much to restore you
Exactly, as if once again you were here.
Nicholas Gordon
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Name: Desiree2005-12-15
Nicholas where do you get your talent? You have soul that comes within your heart.Just keep it going and don't let anybody put you down with their lame comments. They just have no taste or any idea in what you are saying. You speak your mind and i like that.

Name: elina2006-07-22
its just amazing .. u have a potential talent , a very rare one
Name: aasha2006-07-27
nicholas you have really nice poems its just amazing that you know all this stuff you have a really good talant
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