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How Often when Two People Fall in Love

How often when two people fall in love,
One of them is forced to move away?
We can't convince our hearts that they must move;
In people love just doesn't work that way.
'Cause of all the love I feel for you,
Life will be an unrelenting wound.
Love will shadow everything I do.
Missing you, my heart will be marooned.
In time, of course, my feelings will adjust;
Such pain cannot forever be sustained.
Some visits, letters, phone calls will, I trust,
Yearnings quell, and grades must be maintained.
Oh, but I will miss you, miss you dearly!
Until hell ends, I'll be existing merely.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Sad but nice
Name: Rachel2006-10-13
That's a nice poem. It's sad, but nice!
Name: mib2007-02-01
thats a very nice poem, reminds me of my ex.girl, i just wish she were still here!
pain goes away
Name: shawn2007-11-04
its true that the pain goes away in time. but you will always miss them. its a beautiful poem
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