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The More I Am Away from You

The more I am away from you,
The more I want you here.
The more I do without your love,
The more I want you near.

I know that it makes little sense
To want what's not around,
But there's just one true love for me
And that's the one I've found.

We've gone through all the weather maps,
The sunshine and the rain,
But I would take a sea of storms
To be with you again.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: CHRISTINE2012-01-03
this poem touches me so much creating endless pain in the heart
good 4 sarah
Name: dana2005-07-12
i thought it was good good job sarah
to poop
Name: eva2005-10-16
ok the name has got to change but i really thought you did good with the poem. we need alot more people who has a heart so this poem is really pretty
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