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Do Not Doubt I Love You

Do not doubt I love you, even though
My actions may have undermined my words.
We could be as connubial as birds
Had I not let my wild longings show.

I cannot help wanting to devour
All the world that comes before my eyes;
But more than all the world is that which lies
Within the precious circle of our bower.

I'll do anything to keep you with me;
Our love will last as long as you have will.
Despite my untamed need, my love is still
A rock against the surges of the sea.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: RAZWANA2005-02-23
Name: ashlee2011-05-10
its really amazing it really touches my heart because one of these days i am going to fall in love and i cannot wait
Name: love2005-05-24
that is a very pretty poem it makes u wonder what loving someone is really like. once u love some1 they r a part of u forever
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