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Do Not Doubt How Much I Love You

Do not doubt how much I love you
Though my time with you is thin.
I am always thinking of you,
Always loving you within.

A full-time working mom and wife
Just doesn't have much time to give.
But I have given you my life,
And you still reign where I most live.

I do the best that I can do
And hope that you will understand
That everything belongs to you:
My eyes, my thoughts, my heart, my hand.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: MsG2005-08-02
A 10! Very very nice
true but not
Name: kls2005-08-03
its a really gd poem but not everything should belong 2 him coz u can look wher u want nd u can touch wot u want nd if u love him he yeah ur heart does belong 2 him but dats it but anyway dats a really nice poem
Name: laura2005-08-04
i thought this poem was ok
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