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I Do Not Want This Poem to Go Too Deep

I do not want this poem to go too deep.
It's premature, and love's too far away.
But there are things I feel the need to say
Rather than more days of silence keep.
I hope for you it's not too great a leap
To hear me talking to you in this way.
My fears sometimes my sentiments betray,
Telling me to put my thoughts to sleep.
Ever since we met I've thought of you
As something more than just a passing friend.
You seem so lovely, like a melody
That haunts me with the wisp of something true.
You haunt me still, and so I won't pretend:
I tell you this that you might think of me.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Caitie2006-12-06
too many rhymes...
Name: Jessica2007-03-27
i think that this poem is VERY cool, the title says it all and i think it is a good poem to send someone if you don't know how to tell them how you feel :)
Name: pam2007-06-15
very it
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