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Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Face

Beautiful eyes, beautiful face,
I'm shy to talk to you.
You're the eagle I must watch
No matter what I do.

You're the beauty, wild and free,
The mistress of my eyes,
Rolling through exultant air,
Alone in pristine skies.

I would take you for my own
Could I but have your wings,
Could I but go where night begins
And frozen sunlight sings.

Could I but have you for my love,
How might we fly together!
But I must watch you from below
And long for you forever.
But I must be the one below
And long for you forever.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Ye WeN2004-08-02
Nice poem...
Best 4 ur lover...
Love IT
Name: EKJ2004-12-05
I'm gonna give my this monday
Name: staz2004-11-14
made me fall asleep!
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