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I Know I Hardly Know You

I know I hardly know you,
But I think that I may love you.
You can see the way I look at you
And know.

I know you have a girlfriend,
But I think we can be happy,
So take the time to find out
If it's so.

I know we don't have much time,
But I think it's just enough;
If you'd like to take a chance on me,
Let's go!
Nicholas Gordon
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me to
Name: christian2005-01-25
i like this boy thats in my class , but he has a girlfriend in a different class , and i just realized , i think i love him ! i want to tell him but , he;s got a girl . if my love grows stronger , i'll have to tell him .
Name: Becky2005-01-26
me2 i like this boy sooo much its not evne possible for me to explain it but Im way to shy to tell him cause I know he has a gf and its like my friend and I dunt want to ruin things for them but its weird cause he like looks at me with the same look i look at him with so im confused and i dont know what to do...but if its meant to be he will coem to me...that what yall needa know
Name: krazy2005-06-23
it was good but not good enough i write better im kidding ya i liked a boy i hardly even knew after a while i stoped and he started to like me nothing happened after that!
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