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I Love You & Etc.

I love you & etc.
As I have never loved.
You are the one, of all so far,
That I'm most certain of.

I'll do anything, etc.,
To keep your cool green eyes,
And make you smile that golden smile,
And still your lonely sighs.

You're the greatest & etc.
Guy I've ever met.
Right now you are my heart and soul,
Etcetera & etcet.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: mela2005-03-10
to tell you the truth it was ok but you can expand on it but it was a great poem
this is to good
Name: sexy2005-03-11
i like your poem it is really goood and you shold make some more you keep it up gurl.
Name: rachel2005-05-14
ur poemz alright but im not feeling the etc stuff
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