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I Love Your Cool Green Eyes and Light Brown Hair

I love your cool green eyes and light brown hair.
I love the way my fear faints at your touch.
I love the way I call you and you're there,
Ready to take charge--but not too much!
I love the way you are a little boy
Needing me to kiss away all pain,
And then the jolt of automatic joy
When you say you love me yet again.
I love my anchor in a surging sea,
My partner winging through a darkened sky,
My pleasure-mate who loves to toy with me,
My mirror and my goal, my word, my eye.
I love the one who lets me live as two.
All this you are to me, and I to you.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: hailey widner2011-04-20
I absoultly love this poem!!!!!
Name: Dereks Gurl2007-01-15
I luv it. It's beautiful like all your other poems. I write poetry myself and this is what i call real poetry.
Name: nessa2007-03-07
i loved this poem it was really good.
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