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I Know Well I Have No Right to Love You

I know well I have no right to love you:
I gave you up, and now you're with my friend.
But I can't stop myself from thinking of you,
Even though that's not what I intend.
I want you but I also don't want you
To hurt my friend by breaking up with her.
So things go wrong no matter what you do;
I long for what I don't want to occur.
Ah, me! I'm in a soap and can't get out!
Help me if you can by being kind.
I tell you this to banish any doubt
That I'll be waiting, if you're so inclined.
But please, please, if my friend still has your love,
Forget completely what I've spoken of.
Nicholas Gordon
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Name: Samantha2005-04-17
I luv this poem! It's how i fell about a guy. He's going out with my best friends sister and i want to be with him but i don't want him to hurt her! what do I do if you have advice e-mail me at
i know well i have no right to love you
Name: krys paredes2010-07-12
wow ang ganda
I know you well but have no right to love you
Name: lisa dunbar2010-10-30
you can only really understand if you have been here so for all the negative comments ignore coz I adore this , as i have been there..............bloody well done hun
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