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You've Been with Me Two Sweet and Awesome Years

You've been with me two sweet and awesome years:
The best years of my life; that is, so far.
You are my love, my baby, and my star,
Whose radiance blocks out my dwindling fears.
How easily you wipe away my tears!
How bright you make my days! How good you are!
I love the way you leave yourself ajar,
Letting in my anger till it clears.
I love the way you play with little kids,
A father in the rough, yet soft and kind.
I love the way you laugh with warmth and ease.
I love the way you close your eyes, the lids
Shutting out the worlds you'd leave behind,
Leaving us our gentle wind and trees.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: trish2005-11-10
i like it...very it alot
thats sweet
Name: jessica2006-07-08
that is so sweet that you have found yourself and awesome man like that and have spent that long with him. I have been with my man for 2 and 1/2 years. Its great. Good Luck sweetie!
Name: keisha2007-05-15
like ur choice of words... very real
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