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Is One Month an Anniversary?

Is one month an anniversary?
"Anno," after all, refers to "year."
But in my heart there's such a celebration
That bells must ring! And words? Well, I don't care.

In our lives there will be many years:
The world will turn and turn around our love.
Real anniversaries will come and go,
Yet none could more than this my wild heart move!

I know this cannot be what it might seem:
A perfect song that will not have an end.
It's just the newness makes it seem like spring,
Yet though it age, it will age like wine.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Alezae2005-09-13
This poem was okay. It really didn't have anything that would want me to continue to read it if it were longer. I admire you for your efforts though.
i dont know what goes here lol
Name: Rose2005-10-14
I didnt either. while trying to read it i got lost because it was hard to follow. i tryed reading it several times but never made it through. it doesnt really agree with the title either. but keep trying im sure you have some talent with the fact that your a guy who likes poetry you must have some good words. Good luck
Name: Emily2007-01-01
It's not verrrry good but I used it for my boyfriend as a joke. He might find it funny!!
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