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How Can Love Hold On So Many Years?

How can love hold on so many years?
A passion lasts, we're told, not more than two.
Pleasure is more rich when passion clears,
Pouring forth from love to love renew.
Years of love can gather to an ocean
Tormented in its wild constancy.
When there's no wind, it seems bereft of motion;
Eastward, though, the waves roll wild and free.
No love can last unless there is the will.
Tapestries are woven by design.
Years pass and love continues, stronger still
For all the daily care to make it shine.
In life, if there is one, then we are blessed,
For whom we can be totally undressed;
Take off our selves and find our spirits fair;
Hunger for sweet love, and it is there.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Isabella2011-04-20
Well I'm Italian and were I live is Sicily Italy, I loooovee this poem!
Name: Dakota2008-04-23
well im only 14 but my parents have been together for 7 years and they would love this poem and i love it to thanks and keep doin wat u do
Name: marina2008-04-23
this poem is awsome and i love it thnx bye
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