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For Me This Year Has Been a Special Mountain

For me this year has been a special mountain,
Incandescent on its sunlit peak.
Revisiting its rich, eventful days,
So full of love, is one more gift from you.
There is no darkness on our lovely mountain
As I gaze upon my life from this first peak.
Nothing I imagined matches these days
Needing, wanting, loving, having you.
In earlier years I thought of this first mountain,
Visioning the vista from its peak.
Each thought was there, even in those days:
Ripples in the darkness without you.
So shall I love you on this yearly mountain
As I cast a quick glance backward from its peak,
Recalling the long innocence of days
Yearning for what I now have in you.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Wonderful words
Name: Shelly2005-04-26
Great !!!! Wonderful words spoken .
Bays Mountain
Name: Arianna2007-02-27
My love and I go to this peak on Bays Mount. We call it "Special Place" Its in Johnson City, TN and it’s Lovely. We have been together for almost one year. I love this poem it’s my new Favorite. GOOD JOB!
Name: Carlos2012-12-08
Kermit,I'm actually using Lucia's Link Love pgilun which allows me to set a limit to the number of characters in the name field which trips the do follow. This helps prevent the keyword stuffing in the name field which is a violation of the comment policy on this blog, and all my blogs.In the past I simple deleted these comments. Since there are those who are now seos who are publishing lists of do follow blogs increased the amount of comment spam it was/is necessary to do something. If it does become an issue with Google I'll simply delete these comments.On another note, you should contact askimet. Your comment went directly to the spam folder which indicates you have been placed on their spam list.You can appeal this and get your comments back in the mainstream.
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