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How Can I Say What Is Too Much for Words

How can I say what is too much for words?
A rainbow cannot fit into my heart.
Perhaps we should be musical as birds
Perched singing of our love with practiced art.
You cannot taste my happiness, or feel
A little of the chill of your caress.
No word or metaphor can make it real,
Nor song contain the truth I would express.
In my love there are mountains miles high,
Valleys rainbow carpeted, and wide
Enough for clear, still lakes to steal the sky ...
R-R-R-R!!! I cannot tell you what's inside!
So you must turn to what you feel for me,
And read therein my tender rhapsody.
Reach deep, my love, and I will be there, too:
You have me in your heart, as I have you.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
nice poem
Name: niki2005-05-24
i like to write poems and yours really describes me and my boyfriend. you wrote a great poem. great job.
well described
Name: Mike2006-06-30
In our relationship I talk too much. He is an intensely introverted person, and only at times can be coaxed to let down his guard enough to sing. Your poem says succinctly what I feel for him without being verbose.
Name: Thomas likes COCKS2006-10-08
i just wanna say fuck your mum and dad thomas coz they created you, so its not your fault your a toe sucking dickhead you piece of shit OH i hope to GOD i see you coz then i'd fucking crap on your face you son of a mother fucking turd licking cock swallowing father fucking knob chewer, peace out poofta breth!
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