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Elisha and Timmy Have Been Five Years Together

Elisha and Timmy have been five years together.
Love came to them young, and still it stays.
In their hearts they feel that it's forever,
Sweet love walking with them all their days.
However much life crashes hard around them,
All they have to do is turn within.
A gentle peace, serene and clear, surrounds them,
Nor need they strive some stranger's eye to win.
Despite this joy, they know there's some rough sailing
To come between reality and dream.
In choosing young, they've laid some grounds for failing:
More doubt and wonder than it first might seem.
May their love take them through these shoals of night.
Years on years will prove young love was right.
Nicholas Gordon
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Name: Tessica2012-12-08
Enlightening the world, one heplful article at a time.
Ohlalala j adore les
Name: Fanni2016-07-22
Ohlalala j adore les friches inseutriellsd.Et tu me fais rêver avec ces histoires de maisons abandonnées avec encore des rideaux et des vieux meubles :)Je me sens bien dans ce genre d ‘ambiance. Dès que je vois une vieille maison en ruine, je suis comme subjuguée.Très jolies photos ! J’ai hâte d’avoir un vieil appareil pour mitrailler moi aussi ce qui m’attire autant !Phoenix m’attirait déjà, je pense que maintenant je filerai à Detroit juste après :)
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