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Every Sky's a Brand New Sky

Every sky's a brand new sky,
Uncanny once again;
And every kiss, a brand new kiss,
New won, no matter when.

And every love, a brand new love,
New cherished every day;
Though lips and heart may slowly age,
The awe-struck boy will stay.

And I will vow again to love
You each day of my life,
As though each morning were the first
We rose as man and wife.

Just as a meadow washed by rain
Is relit by the dawn,
Just so our love, as we grow old,
Will each day be reborn.
Nicholas Gordon
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This poem
Name: Jared2005-02-09
this poem
Name: Erin2011-03-20
og my gosh, this poem is beautiful. I love it :)
great poem
Name: Kayla miles2008-11-24
I love the poem
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