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Why Did He Stop Loving Me

Why did he stop loving me?
How could he forget so fast?
Does he still feel love for me?
How could such sweet love not last?

I've learned I can't believe my eyes
Nor trust the instincts of my heart.
I look upon a sea of lies
Too wide to cross, too deep to chart.

And yet I am condemned to sail
Upon that sea awash in pain.
Love hides its truth behind a veil
That none may know they love in vain.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Emotional Rollacoaster
Name: Brittany Jines2005-01-10
This poem reminds me of myself. How me and my boyfriend were going down a hill.Basically on an emotional rollacoaster!!!!
my life
Name: babygirl2007-08-04
this poem reminds me of me n my ex-boyfriend cuz we were sooo close 2 each other den like all of a sudden hes like its ova 4 eva n i d0ont even now wat idid 2 him
Name: Morgan McGrath2007-09-26
This Poem is amazing,i hope you keep writing poems.i can tell you had a lot of things happening when you wrote this.
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