Love Poems

Pascal Meunier

The first time I saw him,
In love right away!
My beautiful, blue-eyed
Pascal Meunier.

Ah, Pascal Meunier!
What more can I say?
My beautiful, blue-eyed
Pascal Meunier.

He is the sky
To the wind of my will,
Or the ocean of dreams
Just under my sill;

The word for my meaning,
The name for my song,
My soul and my being
I'll love my life long.

Ah, Pascal Meunier!
What more can I say?
My beautiful, blue-eyed
Pascal Meunier.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
This is really BAD
Name: Nadine2009-02-18
I hope this precedes Pixie Dust. Otherwise, it is sacrilege, coming after such perfetion!
Name: ofc2009-04-23
well written...and I know someone by that name...
Name: Amelia2013-02-23
HiYour story is amazing I wish there is more supprot for eating disorders in canberra but there isnt, I hope your okay now. I have also suffered from anorexia for 3 years being hospitalised twice but I have recovered and stayed out of hospital for two years. Its such a hard thing to do and I totally know what it feels like to go through it its cruel and it happens to the best of people. I am thinking of doing a documentary for a school project on eating disorders and the help out there and the people who have helped with the foundations and recovery process but I am also looking for a inspirational person to use for an interview and I found this article. What you have written is so true and real. I was wondering if I could talk to you over email about the documentary and if there is any one who I could talk to who had a similar story to us. I was sick in perth so I have no contacts over here but feel strongly on the subject. The assignment is for a drama project and is to construct like a Australian story documentary but if its a no thats fine I totally understand, I am also just letting you know that your incredibly brave and inspiringAll the best Lauren
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