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My Mood Is like a Cloudy Noon

My mood is like a cloudy noon
Waiting for the sun,
Or like a sailing ship that can't
Set sail without the tide.

I fidget in my emptiness,
Not knowing where to run;
Yet when you're near I can't explain
What's going on inside.

It's too bad feelings swim so deep,
Too deep for anyone
To grasp them as they squiggle through
And take them for a ride.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: ashley2007-05-09
hey thats funy i feel the exact same way. lol
Name: skylar2010-06-04
i love it i feel the same way girl
fallen in luv is the best thing in lyf
Name: ayush2010-09-09
cloud 9 feeling it jst awesome one
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