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I Love You as a Valley Loves

I love you as a valley loves
The river through its fields,
Or as a note upon a page
The music that it yields.

I need you as the moon requires
The sun to make it shine,
Or as a soul in search of faith
Is rescued by some sign.

You are as much a part of me
As meadows are of Earth,
Or as a song is of a heart,
Replenishing its worth.

I love you as a hawk loves air,
Or a sailor loves the sea,
Or as a strong wave seeks the sand,
But ah! do you love me?
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: krazy2005-06-23
it was ok but try harder that was probably one of the worst poems ive read from you so far ! i mean it has no meaning you are just comparing things to a person that isnt very good i mean i may be 14 but that was bad im sure they all would agree with me unless they dont know a true meaning of a poem!
Name: valgoodkarma moonbeam2011-06-27
I am moved.. just touching and so clearly felt...
True Love
Name: Angel2006-03-02
Anyone who has experienced true love understands the correlations expressed in this poem. The absolute need for one the exist so that the other may also is what separates true love from anything else. My only disappointment was the very last line. I realise this is about unrequited love but the directness doesn't flow with the symbolism of the rest of the piece.
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