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I Want to Say I Love You on Your Birthday

I want to say I love you on your birthday,
Though love is something you don't want from me.
Things didn't go so well when I last said it,
And so I'll keep it silent in my heart.

But how the words reverberate within me!
A song that I must struggle not to sing,
A music I must dance to without motion,
A poem that I must never read aloud.

Your wishes are a wall I would not scale,
Yet won't abandon, loathe to leave behind.
I cannot have, and cannot bear to lose you,
And so I send you this in my despair.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Sandra2011-05-09
So good

So good! keep up the great work and who knows all of keep up the good work,who knows each of us might find happiness someday^-^

Wrting this...
Name: ken2005-09-09
dis is sort of nice writing this poem on a birthday. Kip up the good work..
Name: amber2007-01-25
that is the sweetest poem ever.....
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