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I Know that You Don't Feel for Me

I know that you don't feel for me
The way I feel for you.
We're good friends, I value that,
There's nothing you need do.

But as a friend I need to tell you
What is in my heart.
An unsaid truth is like a wall,
Keeping us apart.

My love for you will go nowhere,
Will just remain with me.
I'll hold it in my quiet arms
And feel it constantly.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
Name: Lala2005-01-26
i relly like this poem i guess because i'm going through something similar but very nice try making your poems more with more depth
Feelings deeply
Name: Frost Bite2005-01-28
I know what you are going through. I've gone through it for four years. Only recently have I discovered I can use poetry to express these emotions.
As to your sexual preferance. I believe you to be heterosexual. Only an angel can remove our hearts thusly.
Name: ali2005-02-20
awww thats sweet really like this poem
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