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I Find My Happiness in Loving You

I find my happiness in loving you.
Though my love is not returned, I don't mind waiting.
The woods are a cathedral where I pray
For the beauty and grace that lie within my heart.

You hold me and we kiss, and yet not yet
Is there the unity that love must crave.
You want me, but not as I want you:
This truth is like a wreckage on my sea.

There's no one else I hunger for, nor touch
That makes me feel I must take off my skin;
And so I'll wait as years pile up like leaves,
And long with the lonely patience of the moon.
Nicholas Gordon
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Name: Solstice2011-04-10
I can relate to this poem very much. Unlike my so called "competition", the other girls don't seem to agree to the way I view love. To me, although the person I liked went with someone else, I was still happy to see him happy. To see his smile, even though I wanted to be with him so much, lit up rays of sunshine in my life.
Move on guys
Name: Yunuspm2011-04-26
Life is precious and short to waste on and to wait for somebody. So just move on. Why do care for someone who does not care for your feelings...
Name: chris2005-05-29
this is an awesome poem, i can relate to it so much, thx, ur doing good
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