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Everything I've Done, I've Done

Everything I've done, I've done
Only for your love.
Everything I am, I am
In hopes your heart will move.

I know that you love someone else,
But while you're away,
I'll love you just as though our love
Would last till you are grey.

Till you and I are grey, my love,
And all our days are done,
I'll love you just as I do now;
Your heart's my only home.
Nicholas Gordon
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Reader Comments
I will like to say.....
Name: Shygirl2005-01-11
It reminds me and the first guy i ever like and knowing as the poem said "Your heart's my only home."
Love is blind
Name: Sandra2011-05-09
It's like you understood what i'm going through.. Thank you! GUD LUCK TO YOU~
love it
Name: myra2005-08-10
dude i so love all ur have a real talent
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