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Every Time I See You I Remember

Every time I see you I remember
All the things you did for me when I
Was going through my adolescent hell.
Yet now I cannot speak unless I cry.

I know you are no longer free to see me;
You've made your choice, and that I must respect.
But I've a need to say that I still love you.
I have no fear or pride I need protect.

Just as the sun must come back every morning
To shine upon the meadow it holds dear,
So I will from afar shine on your glory,
And hope someday again you'll let me near.
Nicholas Gordon
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Thank you
Name: Sandra2011-05-09
it's also the same what i'm going through right now, he was my childhood friend and he was also my first love but he has found someone else who was more comforting to be with so this poem really represent how i felt.
Name: aLLy2005-04-12
nice poem. Like it =p...Ü
Name: Mary2006-05-08
your poem was's actually alot like what i'm going through. Thank you for being brave enough to share it. Much Love I hope one day you'll find someone who will love you as much as u love them :)
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