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Chocolate Box Superstar

You thought that they loved you
You hoped that they cared
You dream that they want you
You dreamed, you despaired
Planned that they’d hold you
Wished your life away
Cause love lasts forever, and
Forever came today.

I’m sure that you knew me,
Like the sand knows the sea
And a great wave of ecstasy came
Rushing over me
We went to your heaven,
So virgin, so kind
But yet I was homesick
For times left behind

They knew I was brilliant
They saw I was weak
Forbade me, portrayed me
As humble and meek
Little by little, fair spirit bled dry,
Sweet love for a tooth, warm heart for an eye

So! What am I now, my soul is released
The critics, the selfishness, what I need least
I’m wild and I’m empty, my heart craves a home
My dove seeks new shores, but comes back alone

I’ve so much to offer
I give and they’ve taken
A spirit forlorn, an angel forsaken
And all that I need, drifts down from above,
Warm and idyllic, from others,
True love.
Matt Wood
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Reader Comments
Name: Erin2005-09-10
Holy crap that's good!!!
Name: amber2005-09-26
that was so good!!!! easy 2 relate 2 i loved it!!
You are a great writer
Name: mandy2005-12-08
this was an amazing poem it really touched me. I hope you continue writing because you have a lot of talent.Best wishes with you writnig carrer.
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