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Baby Boy, I Remember

Hey, baby boy, how you doing today,
I want you to know I been missing you everyday.
I memorized all your scents, and movements of you.
I did all of that because I love you.

I remembered your favorite colone,
I remembered the way you look at me when you sung me our song.
I remembered the way you kiss me softly,
I remembered the look on your face when you're hungry.

You're so silly at times to make me smile,
I also remembered when we would cuddle up for awhile.
You know, I am truely blessed to have a guy like you.
I'm so glad that destiny brought us together,boo.
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Reader Comments
Name: kimmy2011-04-26
i posted this on my bfs wall
i luv it
Name: andrea2011-05-13
dang diz reminds ov ma man dat i really luv a lot nd i find da perfect one for me nd i kan remember wen we kouddle in hiz bed wen he told i love you youre da one itz sweet thou
Name: montiara2011-05-17
awwww dhatts fuhreakinn awesumm.....ihhd qoes for mii boifrenn...
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