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i understand
Name: nancy ulianna2005-01-03
my lover and best friend is in Irad I understand to pain of longing for someone far away.
heart open
Name: claudia2005-01-27
i send it to my husband that is locked up and he really enjoy it it touch our hearts
Name: mayra2005-01-27
i enjoy your poem i like it
true always
Name: christiene2012-01-03
this is true always and so painful,difficult to endure if u truly love that person,but there are different stories which nobody accepts
Name: Cierra2005-03-09
dude again with the whole depression thing!!! i mean i understand what they mean and they are beautiful! but dude pep up some times!
Name: LA CRESHA2005-04-06
I miss my ex like crazy and still cry.Gurl I feel ya.
I know
Name: Ashlee cline2005-04-20
I know wut is going on cuz my ex boyfriend Micheal dumped me and i love him and every night i think and dream about him! I just want him back with me.
i love you
Name: yolanda perez2005-04-25
i love you i love your poems they touch my heart like noone has ever touched it before..keep up the good work.
Name: yolanda perez2005-04-25
i love you i love your poems it touched my heart like nonme has ever touched it before.good work
Name: Lala2005-05-05
Your poem sure explains alot about how you feel and I believe alot feels the same way when their loved ones especially those who they hold dear to their hearts are far away!!!!! Great sense of self epxression!!!!
very good
Name: kara2005-05-08
I love it!!!!!!!!
Name: envy2005-05-23
this poems is straight
I love it
Name: Megan2005-07-09
I love ur poem so much, its real sweet! I understand it, and cna relate to it!
good job
Name: bRiTtAnY2005-07-14
That poem is so beautiful, me and my Bf have been going out for 11 1/2 months and we live about 2 hours away from each other so we dont get to see each other much.
Name: Fana2005-07-18
The poem really touches my heart alot coz now im hurt too as i juz broke up wif my guy 3 wks ago.....
Name: Melissa2005-07-19
I'd just ignore wat everyone else says..that poem waz just great. I dont understand that much, but the guy i love is really faraway and i think of him every minute of the day
Name: This is a guy2005-08-10
i think about my ex girlfriend all the time..we still like each other an all but like she said she needs to like see how things are during high school..and i like get upset beacause i ve never liked a girl this much in my life..i cant let go..and i dont wanna..well by people
Name: amy2005-08-26
hia dats welll sweet awwwwwww !! xx
Name: kaitlyn2005-09-04
ur poem is beautiful i love it
i no
Name: kaitlyn2005-09-04
my ex adam i stell love i moved on but i can never stop thinking about hem it just to hard and my bff laura is now going out with hem and thats even harder i carry hes picture with me every where i go i stell love hem and if u have anything to tell me that mitre make me feel better please do im 13 and my e-mail thank u and keep up tha good work!
Name: emma2005-09-10
your poem is rarther nice x x
Name: san2005-10-04
ur poem z really nice :)
i feel the same way
Name: eniku2005-10-19
that poem was really good becasue i know what people are going therow because my boyfriend is with his mom in las vegas becasue my boyfriend's grandpa is in the hosptial. And i miss my boyfriend but he said that he may come back in a week i said no so he was like in a couple of days and i told him i really wanna hold him and not let him go again bz i am going throw pain too
Can Relate
Name: April2005-10-23
I can relate to your poem. I love it!! Don't listen to all those haterz out there. Your poem was excellent!! Keep up the good work!!
Name: shella2005-10-25
This poem is very touching 2 me as few days back i broke with my boy and its very hurting..can't take this pain..same 4 both..anywz r luv is forever..God bless u my luv..urs al dreams come true...
it was successful
Name: Tom2005-11-05
it made my love com bak to me rock on!!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: soniet2005-12-05
this is a very touching and lovely poem
You got me back
Name: Desiree2005-12-15
You got my attention again and i really like your poem. Keep on going and don't go that low again. Yet this was just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: monica2006-01-09
i understand this poem because i went through it
ignore jessica
Name: broken hearted2006-01-12
that poem although short was very good that little girl has no idea wot she is tlkin about it sums up many of my nights since i lost someone close
Name: NICK LOTORTO2006-01-18
my poem
Name: sandr2006-02-15
Name: Candy2006-02-20
I agree lisa, this poem is awsome I'd give it 4 thunbs up if i had 4 hands
very nice
Name: Tobias2006-03-16
I am not into much poetry, but yours comes from your heart, whether it be personal or not, it hit me hard, but helped in my life, thank you.
so true
Name: roselynn2006-03-26
this is really sweet and i understand how you feel
Name: Funkimunki2006-04-08
cheers i sent dat 2 ma girl and she went bk out wit me cheers
Name: Julia2006-04-09
Your poem couldn't be any more perfect. It is how you feel amd it flows like the dreams some of us do have. Very good, do not change a thing
its great
Name: kirsty2006-05-18
that is a gr8 poem even tho its short still gd
opinions are like assholes
Name: Jessica2006-07-08
hey gurl, i understand and it hurts. Dont listen to the other chic she needs to go back and learn her vocabulary.
Name: eline2006-07-22
though its short .. but it holds various meanigs .. good luck and go on
Name: Derrick2006-09-19
You did good that person is lucky i can not find them Or else pain. Well I moved away from someone I can not stand being with out her. Even though her house is in walking distance.
Name: candy gurl2006-11-08
short and sweet but i liked it
thnk u
Name: Dee2006-11-12
your poem is every sweet, i really enjoy it, because me and my boyfrien are separated from countires and we been together for 7 months and i can relate to your peom, thank you
Name: camelle2006-12-15
i like this poem it is simple and catchy.
thats sweet
Name: ...2006-12-19
i think ur poem is really sweet
i miss him
Name: boyz suck2006-12-20
i understand i feel dat way:'(
what a dumb kunt
Name: miranda2007-01-05
that jessica bitch is a dumb kunt!!! suck my hairy sweaty balls bitch
Name: brittany2007-02-04
this poem made me want to cry because my boyfriend moved away so i know the pain u must be feelin' if i could rate it between 1 to 100 it's be a 100.5
Name: antonio2007-02-14
my friend was sad i gave her lots of stuff for v-day, but she was still sad because her boyfriend dieed on a plane crash, this poet cheerd her up... thank you
Name: latasha stapleton2007-02-16
forget jessica she's just playing hating i can relation to this because i broke up with my boyfriend and now i want him back but i don't know do he want me back
Name: fari2007-02-24
this poem is really good i totally understand what ur going through
Name: dead2007-07-16
what i have to say is ..may god be with you
Name: Zumiko2007-08-11
is that suspose to spell emma?
I know how you feel
Name: Mercedez2010-04-09
I agree with lisa and i know a lil bit of how nacy there feels,. My boyfriend lives a 150 miles away and it's so hard,. and My older brother is in Irad. so i know what it's like to have that emptiness in you, From misssing them dearly
sweet an yet sad
Name: alene2010-05-23
i thought your poem was sweet but sad. im wit my boyfriend everyday, but yet when hes at work, and im alone, i still feel as if were far apart.keep up with your poems, but dont sound to sad.we all have our shares of missing our partners.some people(jessica) just dont get it, because they dont know.its all talk, so dont worry bout her.maybe shes just a kid.good luck with your poems.
Is not easy.
Name: kelvin2010-06-30
when u ur luv one away from ur life it seems as if the is on ur shoulder. Not easy to cope.
Fabulous job done buddy
Name: Princy2010-08-02
I find the poem much expressing my agony and pain cuz my boyfriend has gone to US. Its simply excellent work. It really touched my heart.
Name: jaffar bashir2011-01-23
I really appreciate your power of imagination.Those beautiful means a lot for me.
Name: zara2011-02-04
my love is not with me. hes out of country.. n i know the pain of separation.. miss you danish :,,,,,,,,,,,,(
Name: lindz2009-06-14
short and sweet can't beleive any1 culd say it sucks
i absolutely luv it
Name: gary2009-06-20
i agree wit lisa but more than beautiful it is expressful and the writer must hve used his/her feelings 2 write it
Name: Kate2009-09-27
Good poetry isn't based on quantity, it's about quality. I am away from my boyfriend studying in France for 4 months and this poem describes perfectly how I feel... and in only 4 short lines. :) I truly admire poets who can so accurately describe how they feel in so few words. Wonderful!
uhh da same
Name: michelle2009-12-09
dats lovely. feel da same
Name: Anannya2010-03-01
It's beautiful! It definitely touched my heart... Love your poem...
Name: shubhangi2008-10-30
its so true and pure....truely d feelings of ur heart. its beautiful.
Name: Beyoncey2008-11-14
Hey I Think
This Poem Is Ok
Ohh the 3rd Coment Do You Mean Irak? Coz Thats Were My Boyfriend Went And Died 3 Days And 2 Hours Ago I Know How you Feel xx XX xx
Name: nate2009-01-02
i've never found a more perfect poem. it describes my emotions for my girlfriend in every detail. thank you.
Love it
Name: Mino2009-03-23
U rock and so ur poems...haters Get a life..
Name: Ater2009-03-24
hmmm this poem...can creat a personal feeling ..just like me ..nwei i love that poems
sound great
Name: Lotoaniu2009-03-24
oh this poemz remind me hw i feel when i miss him
What to say
Name: Mukesh Gambhir2009-04-26
u just forced me to think about my past... i know taht she is not gonna back now, so what atleast we can hope.. anyways really nice poem.. but seems very very old... keep writing something... all the very best and have a very life ahead... God Bless you
the same way
Name: shujath2009-04-28
As we both after love got married and staying separate since 7 months... missing her a lot the same way1
it happens to the best of us
Name: Brittany2008-06-06
i understand completley what it feels like to be seperated ftom the one you love. i thought that the poem was beautiful and well written. only 63 days until i am back with my husband!!!!
ur poem is cool
Name: tasha2008-06-06
ur poem is cool but it need more feeling if it going to be short
Name: cari2008-02-24
jessica needs a life because that poem was very wonderful
Wow Dumbasses
Name: WhO NeEdS tO kNoW2008-03-27
okay well if ur goin to write something like this make sure u have more things to write about otherwise you will keep getting these same comments..
i feel this from my heart
Name: ANANT MARTINEZ2012-01-24
superb poem, it reminds me of someone special that got separated from me....for her i am still waiting......
poem lover
Name: sediq2011-07-07
i just love poems and thank you for ssharing poems.i enjoy it
miss you
Name: trish vandyk2011-07-10
My love is in another state,I haven't seen him for 7 months
Pain of separation
Name: Deepak2011-07-17
I know what is pain the girl who is my world is not in this world
heart broken
Name: cry stal2011-08-22
it bring alot of memories
love hesitation
Name: shazna2011-09-25
Hey I like ur poem I am hesitating whether to send it to my husband we hadn't been getting along for very long time I miss him. He keeps talking aabout leaving me.shuld I?
About This poem
Name: Omid2012-04-11
I like it so so so so so nice
Name: Riza2012-12-08
For editing, start with In close to and eloarabte on what you have discovered in those 3 years. In general. The comment on Spanish poetry videos should be in another paragraph. Also, perhaps take out some of the more colloquial phrasing. Yes, I'm asking for a summation of your years running Moving Poems and a position piece on the audience' for video/film poetry. Maybe not your Manifesto but on the way to it. You know I always want double posting the more places the better so this would be published in your blog(s) as well as at VidPoFilm.I could copy it into a Google Doc & make some suggestions & then you can take it from there if you like. Also, aren't you speaking at a Video Poetry Conference or something or has that already happened? This might be preparation for that, too.The gears are already working, clearly, with your publishing this piece in Via Negativa, and likely once you start to write, it'll pour out. No preferences on length. Just say everything you need to say.
Name: Mahala2012-12-09
The genius store claled, they're running out of you.
Name: Mehdi2012-12-10
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Name: DeLancy Anderson2013-11-04
Beautiful Poetry
Name: Raja Mevo2014-05-26
Beautiful my dear
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